Kowsar Khan

Founder & President

Was born in Bangladesh, grew up in Reno, Nevada. Kowsar has extensive background in nonprofit organizations since 2010. Focused to develop the organization for the mission and vision to achieve. Spending good amount of time in Bangladesh to improve the medical activities, legal, and interior construction. Working alongside with the board of directors     and executives in Reno, Nevada and Dhaka, Bangaldesh.


Gerold Dermid

Board of Director

Has extensive background in international nonprofit organizations and heavily involved with many activities around the globe. In relation, Gerold is part of the faculity at School of Community Health Sciences at University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). Helped UNR and Duwell host winter class in Bangladesh for two years and working on 2016-17 winter program. Continuous help on consult on various programs, tasks, and objectives in the organizations.


Kelly Morning

Board of Director

Has Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Health. Interest in Many areas of public health field, Kelly’s main concentration is assessing overall health, wellness, and quality of life. Has strong interest in global health and health marketing. Kelly has been helping at board meetings and implenting grant projects at Duwell.


Paul Park

Board of Director

Practicing doctor and medical entrepreneur, Paul has a lot of back ground in the innovative field of medicine. Advises on the global health developed Duwell and implent and medical devices medical facility in Bangladesh can use. Paul’s background and experience is vital for the strategic plans and development of the organization.


Kyle Hills

Board of Director

Much of Duwell creativity and web contentment management and development is accomplished by Kyle. With educational background in Journalism, his advice and completed projects has been valuable for the organization and continuous support to the organization has been helping Duwell achieve goals on marketing.


Cody Heimerdinger


Cody is a young professional with not only a Bachelors in Business Administration, but a Masters in Accountancy, earned from the University of Nevada. Cody is starting his public accounting journey with the premier accounting firm in Northern Nevada and helping Duwell with it’s financial solutions.

Advisory Board


Kazi Shahidulluah


Duwell’s mission is aligned primarily with medical solutions and research along side   with  educational institutional alliances. Kazi’s background in education development plays a vital role because he is Bangladeshi and resided in Reno, NV over five years to complete his Ph.D in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Md Mohaiminur Rahaman Chowdhury
Communications Director